We need you!

Are you…

    • looking for your own tribe of internet do-gooders?
    • put-off being on social media because of all the haters?
    • looking for extra support in fighting hate?
    • ready to learn about ways of doing something about it?


We are looking for volunteers to help fight hate and we will train and support you for free in how to do it.

If this sounds right for you, here is what we will do….

DeTACT will assign you a group of like-minded people and a mentor to train and support you. Your mentor will help you learn ways to combat, avoid and respond to hate. You will learn how to deal with online hate messages. You will get to use an exciting, new tool which identifies hate and be able to recommend responses using Artificial Intelligence.


We will ask you to help out for 4-5 hours per month just by being present on social media and working as a team to flood social media with positivity and holding back the haters. We will provide material to share, campaigns to join and like-minded people to meet.


We are a European Commission funded project designed to reclaim social media for the good guys. We will train a team of you to work together, learn together and fight hate together. Are you game?


There is no fee for the training, mentoring or support!

About the project

DeTACT combines human activism with technology to monitor online hate speech and to create campaigns with positive responses. These campaigns will focus on promoting bystanders to stand up, fostering citizens to be better equipped to challenge harassment, racism or sexism on social media.